California is a Diverse Agricultural Powerhouse – BUT has a Severe Lack of Water

Our morning visit to Westlands Water District’s office in Fresno, California was a poignant reminder that without water, food will not grow. The Central Valley in California produces 15% of the total US agricultural output, but only on 1% of the total US farmland area. California is in drought and therefore finding a solution to the water crisis is paramount, and it needs to carefully address both the demands of urban and rural needs.

Almonds and Walnuts are Big Business – Fresno, California

Farmland enjoys a unique position as an investment opportunity, particularly when it is located within a region of the world capable of producing one of the most sort after food products, almonds. Our Nuffield group were lucky enough to spend the day with a leading global asset management company and visited their nut producing farms.

Maddox Dairy – Riverdale, California

Our Nuffield group were lucky enough to spend a morning visiting Maddox Farms and to learn and understand how Maddox Dairy had grown over the last 30 years to help shape the Californian dairy industry.

Short-term land tenure – The Issues

Here is a quick brainstorm highlighting a few principle issues surrounding short-term land occupation. Some of the principle headliners…. Security Investment Opportunities Soil Structure and Organic Matter Business Objectives Commerciality Culture  

My Nuffield Journey Begins

2016 marks the start of an exciting Nuffield journey, one which I have no doubt will lead to great adventures, challenges and opportunities, but above all, fresh thinking and new ideas. Over the next 18 months, I will be exploring a topic which I believe is highly relevant to all involved within the agricultural sector – land occupation, and in…